Why this, why now?


Climate change is not an idea.


It is not an abstraction, it is not just a future projection, it is not only happening somewhere “over there.” It is real, here, now, and getting more urgent every day.

C2C, the Climate Solutions Collaborative, understands that immediate action is needed to address the impacts of climate change. Achieving global carbon-reduction targets requires tactical, large-sale investment, in coordination with place-based strategies. C2C seeks not only to avoid the consequences of climate inaction, but rather to support solutions that accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, just and resilient economy that supports the health of the environment and communities. Solving climate change demands practiced cooperation across sectors. Institutional investors, private asset owners, and their managers all have necessary and critical roles to play.

C2C’s mission is to catalyze and accelerate the deployment of investment capital into climate solutions.

Members of C2C work together to accelerate the deployment of capital to innovations in mitigation, adaptation, and next-generation solutions. The partnership between investment and grantmaking can be a powerful catalytic force in unleashing private and public financing for climate solutions. By bridging the disconnect between philanthropy and finance we can deliver those solutions more efficiently and effectively.  

In order to be effective financiers of climate solutions there are two other problems that C2C seeks to address: the knowledge gap surrounding investable opportunities, and the commitment to concrete investment in solutions. C2C strives to support its members as they push through the barriers that inhibit decision-making and, ultimately, the deployment of capital.

Through collaborative learning, exchange of resources, and a shared determination for measuring impact, C2C is where the wind meets the turbine.